Established in 1987, we at McGuinness Building Preservation Ltd take great pride in being a 100% Irish-Owned & Family-Run business. Years of experience coupled with our own innovative conservation solutions has allowed us to build an enviable portfolio of projects, in both the public and private sector. Renowned for offering exceptionally high standards of quality and service, we plan to continue to provide cost effective solutions and treatments for many years to come.

Our Services

Quality and Transparency underpin everything we do. Which is why we only use trusted, premium brand materials and initial consultations are of no obligation to prospective clients. We also take the hassle out of hiring qualified tradesmen by offering a full range of building services including: Block/Brick work, Carpentry and Electrical services, as well as Plastering and Plumbing. Upon completion of every project, a written guarantee is provided to ensure peace of mind for all of our clients that their issue(s) will not return.

Dry Rot & Wet Rot

A fungal attack on untreated timber, Rot has the potential to travel quickly through a moist or damp building. Complete treatment of the fungus requires a comprehensive scheme of chemical treatment and a carefully detailed programme of associated building work.

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Timber Cleaning, Repair & Restoration

We specialise in removing paint, superficial soiling & crusted coatings on historically valuable timber surfaces, using our carefully developed cleaning technique. Coupled with our low disturbance repair process, new sections of timber can be species matched & are joined using our innovative design approach along with specially designed materials.

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Most often caused by the Common Furniture Beetle, Woodworm is another issue that affects untreated timber in homes. Many woodworm infestations can be eradicated through chemical treatment, however in certain cases the timber may have to be replaced.

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Rising Damp & Damp Proofing

Rising damp refers to moisture in the ground rising up through the structure of a building. The purpose of a damp proof course is to prevent this process by establishing a horizontal barrier - however these do break down over time and often require replacement.

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Condensation, Mould & Ventilation Systems

Condensation is an increasing issue in both dwellings and commercial premises, and is a direct result of improved draught proofing & insulation. We can install a Positive Ventilation System into affected properties, maintaining humidity at a level that prevents the formation of condensation.

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Membrane Systems

Membrane systems are a complete range of products which are used to solve damp problems in both new and old construction projects. They can also be used to deal with aggressive ground water conditions, contamination & salt problems, tunnel lining - & even as a barrier against radon gas.

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Façade & Stone Cleaning & Restoration

The façade, or the face of a building, plays a major part in the appearance & visual impact of a building. They can require comprehensive treatment which is carefully matched to the façade, taking into account any problem areas & producing a durable, sustainable finish.

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Tanking & Waterproofing

Tanking is a completely waterproof membrane applied over a surface, preventing the entry of water. It is exceptionally useful when water-proofing basements, preventing rising damp in floor screed and water-proofing balconies.

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Resin Coating & Concrete Injection

Cracks can occur in concrete for various reasons & can considerably restrict the suitability, bearing capacity & water-tightness of a structure - along with a negative aesthetic effect.To maintain and restore operational use, any cracks appearing in a building or structure must be closed using a variety of concrete injection procedures.

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What Our Clients Say

We love to hear feedback from all clients; it helps us to continuously improve the quality of our service offerings:

“The need for a major refurbishment of our basement led us to contacting McGuinness Building. Wet walls and dripping ceilings combined had caused significant damage. In addition, the ceilings irregular and vaulted shape made them difficult to access. We knew we needed experts to treat our problem.

From the outset, the team were hands on and provided valuable advice. When the project was ready for commencement, Harry and his team came on-site and worked diligently for three weeks. They applied over 8,000 fixings and the odd ceiling shape proved no obstacle to them.

Following plastering and painting work, our basement is now fantastic- there are zero leaks and the damp smell has been totally eliminated.”

The first viewer of the premises took a five year lease.

“We are extremely happy with McGuinness Building Preservation Ltd as specialist contractors, and would highly recommend them – especially for challenging projects and locations.”

Jim McMahon, McMahon Design & Management Ltd.

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For more details on any of our services, or to book a consultation, please do not hesitate to get in contact. We look forward to hearing from you!

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