Tanking is a completely waterproof membrane applied over a surface, preventing the entry of water.

Most damage to buildings is caused through dampness and from the penetration of water into the building structure.  The slurry and grout products we use are suitable for both internal and external waterproofing.  This comprehensive range includes systems for use on new and old buildings and provides solutions for problems associated with waterproofing and tanking.  All products are environmentally friendly, safe to use and cost effective.

Cement-Based Tanking System can be applied to any cement-based surface such brickwork, concrete or blockwork. A polymer-modified cement-based slurry coating is applied to the surface, with all pressure points such as floor-wall junctions and internal angles double sealed. When cured, this highly effective damp proof system can be plastered over as normal.

The systems provide deep substrate penetration and forms a water impermeable and strengthened outer surface of the treated building material.  Waterproofing properties are provided by the silicification process of drying and forming crystals which prevents the ingress of water, yet allows the building to breathe. It is exceptionally useful when water-proofing basements, preventing rising damp in floor screed and water-proofing balconies.

Please take a look at our gallery for recent Tanking projects that we have completed.

McGuinness Building Preservation Ltd has decades of experience in working with Concrete Tanking Systems, and also provide a full plastering and carpentry service to our affected clients.

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